How you know you’ve found the perfect gown

you-know-youve-found-your-perfect-dress1Your wedding gown is such an important part of your big day and, as any past bride will tell you, they may not have known exactly what type of wedding dress they wanted, but they certainly knew ‘The Dress’ when they tried it on. Here’s how…

You can imagine walking down the aisle

When you put on ‘The Dress’ and look in the mirror, you should be able to visualise yourself walking down the aisle towards your future spouse. If you can imagine your husband-to-be’s reaction, and almost hear the whispers of praise from your guests, you know this is the perfect choice for your own red carpet moment.

You want to wear it all the time

Realistically, we all know the dress has to be saved for the big day. But you should love it enough to want to wear it all the time, even down to the shops. And if you find yourself unzipping the garment bag now and again just to admire its beauty, even better.

You can’t imagine walking down the

5 Tips For A Successful Outdoor Wedding

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 1.32.28 PMOutdoor weddings are fabulous but present some unique challenges; a few simple tips will help brides make sure their special day is perfect, no matter what the weather.

Set in gardens, parks, or on beaches, outdoor weddings are incredibly romantic. They take advantage of all the natural beauty Mother Nature has on offer, but they can be a bit tricky to organise.

Here are a few tips for ensuring a sensational outdoor wedding:

1. Pick The Right Time Of Year

Time of year is a vital consideration when planning your outdoor wedding. Summer weddings are popular, but make sure it’s early or late summer to avoid uncomfortable heat. Once you’ve set a date, monitor the weather. If it’s going exceptionally hot, provide fans. Too cool? Supply blankets.

2. Make Sure There’s Shelter

Rain or shine, it’s imperative to have a shelter. A marquee works well, comes in all shapes and sizes, and can be dressed up with coloured lanterns or lights, flowers and candles. Depending on the size of your wedding, a few gazebos scattered around the property might be perfect. If you’re still

Dos and don’ts for wedding flowers

flower-dos-and-donts1Flowers are one of the most beautiful and visually appealing part of any wedding. From bouquets to centrepieces and beyond, they bring a sense of style, scent and sophistication to a theme and colour scheme. That said, they can be tricky to pull off. So with this in mind, we’ve compiled a handy list of dos and don’ts to help you plan a blooming lovely celebration.


Give your florist a colour palette to work with, rather than insisting on specific flowers. This will allow them to create a stunning design that falls within your budget, since they know how to work around factors such as the time of year and the season, both of which play a key role in the availability, and thus price, of certain blooms.


Use floral displays to cover up less polished-looking parts of the venue, such as the fire exit. All you’ll really do is make sure they draw the eye of your guests. Instead, use your flowers to draw attention to the breathtaking parts

Three Most Important Aspects To Focus For Creating Sikh Wedding Card

It is said that weddings are a turning point in life. With a wedding, both bride and groom get new life and at the same times get new responsibilities as well. Marriages in India are celebrated grandly and they are considered to be sacred. Sikhs celebrate the weddings in unique styles and have their own trends and rituals to follow. The celebrations are done before and after the wedding, and relatives and friends are invited to be present at the ceremonies.

Special cards are created for the purpose of inviting the guests to witness the sacred event of bride and groom. Weddings in Sikh community are filled with sumptuousness like wide variety of food items, cocktails and drinks, exclusive decoration, flashy Sikh wedding card, and old traditions. Typically, the wedding of Sikhs is performed in Gurudwara, however the reception party is given in the marriage hall. The cards should be made ready at least 30 days in advance as they have to be distributed to the guests.

General features of the Sikh wedding card

Using expensive material to create a trendy card
Some exclusive materials can be chosen such as metallic paper, handmade paper, satin, creamy tissue, woody paper, silk and

Pre Wedding Party Ideas

Wedding means enjoyments, parties and customs. This is how people mean the wedding. You could get to experience the enjoyments and customs on the wedding morning. But as far as wedding party is concerned, there are two parties come in list that are pre wedding party and post wedding festivity. The post wedding party might not get that much importance as it will be conducted by the new wedded husband not a bachelor. But as far as the pre wedding bash is concerned, it will be hosted by the bachelor groom. So, the pre marriage festivity will be given more importance than other parties of a wedding.

As far as Hindi Matrimony is concerned, you will get little bits of pre wedding party ideas. Also, the party is not something that could be hosted on any means, rather the wedding party should be flawless and astounding. All your guests should get impressed with your pre wedding arrangements and the arrangements should make them go stunned and mesmerized. For hosting such a festivity, you should consider some points without fail. Do not pull out hairs by thinking what would be those points. It is enough to consider the succeeding

Points to Consider in Picking Wedding Venue

Partners who get involved put in considerable time in pondering the particular method they could manage to get their wedding well organized. You will discover possibility that you have one of the best varieties of experience within the wedding only when you do proper venue wedding hire Melbourne. There are plenty of areas easily obtainable in your location and you just should choose the one that will be most appropriate for you personally. It’s important to make sure that you tend not to do any consist of for the reason that as things are the serious variable which can lead to the success or failure in the event. Here are several on the techniques for one to just remember to do the choice in excellent approach.

Use of the Venue

Before you go about doing venue hire Melbourne it will be important for yourself for you to check for the production of it. It is not right for you to refurbish the date feeling that the venue might be obtainable. You ought to first enquire together with those people who are worried about the particular wedding hall and thereafter once when the venue can be acquired you’ll be able to correct the

Catskill Weddings Ideal For Nature Lovers

If you are looking to get married, you might want to join the ranks of the hundreds of Catskill weddings performed every year. The Catskills (the area around the New York Preserve known as the Catskill Park) offer a wonderful mix of forestry and modern amenities, ideal for people who want to experience nature without being overcome by it.


Where Are the Catskills?

The Catskills are several mountain ranges that converge in Northern Appalachia, merging God’s grandeur with a sensible commute. They area offers a diverse set of geographical features that can accommodate swimming, bicycling, hiking and canoeing. Fly-fishing is popular in its rivers. There’s skiing in the winter, and there are several major lakes and campsites. “Fire towers” (which are towers originally designed to spot forest fires) are now available for tourists to appreciate the vistas creating by millions of years or erosion.

Wedding Recreation

Your wedding guests will have a wide array of things to do, making it both a destination wedding and a tiny vacation for your guests. Historically, the Catskills were the equivalent of the Rivera for New Englanders-except it gets very cold in the winter, of course. To best appreciate

The Nitty grittys of Muslim and Malay Wedding Ceremonies

Weddings are significant event across the globe. When a wedding in the family declares, friends, family and colleagues become excited. The first thing they do is to pass on good wishes to the couple. Afterward, they go forward and ask the wedding plans. The people of Asia usually considered being obliging.

They made wedding plans in respect of the elders mainly parents of the bride and groom. Gone are the days when it is common for the bride’s father to pay for the wedding. Now, the scenario has changed and society has advanced, the couples usually save up for that grand day and pays accordingly through the entire event.

Malay wedding: At a glance

In Malaysia, Malay Wedding is a gala time for delight and all the invited kith & kin enjoyed on this event. The official religion of Malays is Muslim and the wedding ritual held by following Muslim rites. After completion of the religious parts of the wedding, the family members of bride and groom have a great time for celebrating it with family, friends and neighbors. Since the weather in Malaysia is sunny and warm throughout the year, garden parties are quite common during day and night.


Learn How to Get Multifaith Wedding Invitations Online

The internet has become the first choice and fist shopping destination for most of us. With the increasing trend to search for products and services online, and even find them online, it has become quite common to search for wedding invitations on the World Wide Web. This is where people are sure to find the best quality of wedding invitations and templates that can be customized as per their choice.

The internet has become so popular that getting hold of multifaith wedding invitations has become a trend. A customer is bound to be looking for such cards if he or she is an Indian. India presents such a diversity of cultures and faiths in one country that it does become a difficult question as to how to get multifaith wedding invitations.

Weddings in India are made of several events and ceremonies, each different for different faiths. So, it becomes incumbent to design different invitation cards for different ceremonies and occasions. There is hardly a single template that works for all the faiths found here. This is what puts the question before several of us how to get Multifaith wedding invitations.

The entire wedding ceremony is often made of many different rites and rituals

How to Navigate Through Matrimonial Sites

Now a days majority of the marriages are fixed through matrimonial site with millions of users logging into the various sites on a daily basis. The growth rate of these sites is phenomenal with one new website being launched every month and each of them having something unique and new. Every website has thousands of profiles being uploaded daily but it needs patience and time to swift through them. We tell you some tricks about navigating through these sites to save time and to get the best out of them.

Paid Websites

First and foremost you should always sign up for a paid plan so that you can not only view profiles but also express interest and get in touch with the person in case you desire to. This helps in fast forwarding the process.

Filter out the Flirts

You must list out all that you want from your life partner and put it down in the filters that are usually given on the matrimonial site. This will help you get the list of people who will match your tastes and likes. It will reduce the time taken in going through endless profiles and finally help you in homing down to only a couple

Tips To Find the Best Marriage Decoration Team

Are you planning to get married soon? Have you decided about what will you wear or how would you decorate your wedding venue. The affair is much more grand and big than you can imagine. A wedding function amalgamates both sorrow and joy. It is an affair where two families come closer to each other and celebrates the togetherness of their child. Wedding function comes with many more ceremonies like engagement, haldi, sangeet etc. Almost all weddings in Bangalore is managed and organized by wedding decorators and planners who are not only professionals but have long experience in planning and decorating wedding.

How to go about planning a wedding?

Planning a wedding is not easy. Outdoor wedding decoration is quite challenging. If you are planning to hire a planner for your wedding then it’s important to keep few things in mind. Hiring a planner is a trickiest job, but if you do that perfectly half of your job is done. Theme wedding decorations are the new surprises that are offered to the bride and the groom’s family.


Tips to find a good decorator:

Read Your Partners Mind Take A Glance At His Body

After reading this topic, you will never waste your time analyzing what your partner says to you to identify their feelings. As you know, the percent of interpersonal communication appearing through words is so small, and we don’t know exactly. So, no matter what he tells you, please believe that the only way to know the truth – the entire truth is turning your ears and heart off and watching for when he is not saying.

It is said that the science of body language is very complicated, but there are several certain signals you can learn to spot. Check out just some basic steps below. Then try them out with your friends, who you know well and trust to be able to match true words and real feelings. Once you have got them down, use them on your partner.

Facial Expression

Let’s start the first step with facial expression. This is a good way to inform whether or not your partner is being honest with you. Please look at his eyes. When he glances at nowhere, it means this person is honest with you. Besides, it is true that your partner looking into your

Find Yourself A Perfect Life Mate

Marriage is the most pious day of your life. It is the day when you decide to live with your beloved for the rest of your life. It is that precious day when the God showers all the love on you and makes this day special in which the best memories of your life are embedded.

Once said by Mahatma Gandhi, “Where there is love there is life”.

Certainly, love gives us an entirely new different life which comes out with more prominent opportunities and challenges which lead us to become successful in our lives.

We believe love is the foundation of any marriage in the world. A marriage without love is like an empty canvas. But finding a true love is very challenging which most of the time doesn’t meet our requirements and desires. Love is indeed very intrigued and tricky, it has its own way to be proved in itself. To stay in love for a longer time with each other needs compatibility or a level of suitability between two people. Which we try our best to find out a suitable life partner for you.

Choosing Clever Colours

Everything stems from colour. Ok well not everything, but colour can have a huge influence on the overall look and feel of your wedding if you put some thought into it early on.

And while ideally you should pick your theme colours before buying your dress, outfits for your wedding party, selecting flowers or considering decorations, there’s one decision that should come before colour – and that’s your venue. That’s because a casual beach wedding lends itself to a much different colour palette than a formal city affair, whilst country house nuptials suit certain colours that are unlike those appropriate for a retro 50’s theme. Get the picture?

If you’re getting married in a garden, or your reception venue has a green, leafy outlook, then white with a crisp colour such as a different shade of green, or yellows, blues, pinks or red looks spectacular. Coastal locations are beautifully offset with shades of blue, white and beige, or pops of yellow and orange for a more tropical mood; whilst black and metallic tones fit well with a more formal black-tie affair in a swanky hotel.
Of course there are no hard and fast rules and if

Where To Start With Wedding Colour

Choosing your wedding colours is definitely a highlight of the planning process and shouldn’t be a frustrating or stressful experience.

There are no rules to what colours you choose although if you aren’t confident with colour decoration we recommend you stick with varying shades of one or two colours.

Getting Started

It’s better to book your wedding venue then choose your colours. Consider the colours of your wedding venue when planning your wedding theme.  You don’t want your colour choice to clash with the venues decor.

Think about the season and location of your wedding – what colours will be dominating. For example a summer beach wedding where blue prevails, an autumn wedding surrounded by yellows and burnt oranges, or perhaps a winter wedding where rich reds or all white wouldn’t look out of place.

For a wedding stick with a neutral base of white, cream or ivory.

If you are going with just the one colour in your wedding theming, be sure to use 3 or 4 varying shades of that hue in your wedding elements rather than the same shade throughout.

If you are choosing to have

Accessorising With Wedding Hand Fans & Parasols

Keep your guests cool with parasols and wedding hand fans.

When the heat arrives on summer weddings and days go from sunny and mild to blazing and humid in the blink of an eye, it’s important to keep your wedding guests cool. Wedding parasols and hand fans are a great solution to keep guests from the heat at beach weddings, garden weddings or any outdoor wedding celebration.

Parasols and hand fans make great wedding favours and can look gorgeous as aisle decorations and the parasols look stunning hanging from the ceiling of a marquee or outdoor venue.

Pink Frosting have a huge range of wedding hand fan favours and wedding day fans as well as wedding parasols and umbrellas

Some of our favourites for this season:

Off White Fabric Parasol

 Perfect for a beach wedding or any outdoor wedding setting where a cream or ivory parasol is called for.

Blue Fabric Parasol

Perfect for blue themed outdoor weddings. Parasols can also make a wonderful aisle decorations and decoration hanging from a marquee or outdoor venue. Also seen in ivory, cream, pinks of all shades and red.

Rainy Day Wedding Ideas

You just never know when a spot of rain might strike. If those thunderous clouds do appear don’t let it spoil your day,

Here are some things to keep in mind if the skies do open up on your big day!

1. Have A Plan

If you’re worrying about rain beforehand, have a plan in place for what you’ll do. Many outdoor venues will have an indoor back-up area that can be used if needed, so discuss this with the functions manager before you book.

2. Have Some Fun

Prepare a pair of cute gumboots and a beautiful parasol for if it begins to drizzle and don’t be afraid to have fun with it! Some great wedding photographs have come from rainy days, as dramatic grey skies, reflective puddles and the lush colour of bright wet grass make for gorgeous and romantic pictures.

Bring a coat along too, just in case you need to warm up after a chilly outdoor photo shoot in the rain. Don’t forget, it’s also polite to have spare umbrellas on hand for your guests.

Remember that a bit of a rain can’t ruin your day. As

Designing A Wedding Theme

One of the biggest changes to weddings over the past 10 years is the expression of creativity and personality of the bride and groom through a wedding theme. So how you do come up with one and where do you go from there.

Coming Up With A Theme

A wedding theme should remain personal and reflect the individual style and taste of the bride and groom.

A wedding theme can be designed using the couples favourite colours, flowers, decoration or even a favourite location.

A wedding theme can be designed based on a decorative element or wedding motif such as butterflies, stars or hearts and they can be designed on a cultural or historical element such as Chinese, Hawaiian or Medieval.

Cultural wedding themes are a good idea if you are marrying into a family from a different cultural background. Take the best of both cultures, being respectful towards any rituals and symbols you might include in your wedding.

For example Euro-Asian wedding can use a dramatic combination of colours, red and gold or hot pink and silver. For the decorations think bamboo, river pebbles, paper lanterns, fans or silks. You might hold a Tea Ceremony

Civil marriage celebrants

Civil Marriage Celebrants are appointed by the Federal Attorney-General, based on interest and involvement in community affairs and their attitude to personal relationships. Celebrants are familiar with all the requirements of the law relating to Marriages and arrange all necessary legal documents.

Celebrants can also assist you with traditional forms of ceremonies. All of the above are designed to make your day as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

A good celebrant will

  • be friendly and obliging to all people involved in the big day.
  • have a deep respect for peoples? rights and freedoms.
  • value human relationships, particularly the marriage relationship and be aware of the social and cultural value of ceremonies.
  • have a high level of self respect in regard to dress, grooming and personal presentation.
  • have a good sense of humour.
  • have clear diction.
  • have theatre skills – not just the ability to speak but also to orchestrate and organise, and do these things in a moderate manner.
  • be able to offer many ideas to help the Bride and Groom design and prepare their own ceremony.
  • remove a lot of stress and strain from the big day, create a relaxed atmosphere, enabling the parents to feel comfortable, and especially the

Destination wedding ideas

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular as couples decide to forgo the traditions and rituals of getting married in the bride’s home town and choose to exchange their vows on a tropical sun drenched beach instead.

If the idea of a destination wedding is appealing, but you aren’t entirely sure you want to give up that big white wedding, here are some of the pros and cons of a destination wedding to help you make up your mind:

Five reasons to have a destination wedding

Your wedding will be a more intimate and personal celebration, including the two of you, and either just two witnesses, or a handful of very close friends and relatives. You won’t feel pressured to invite work colleagues, distant cousins, or people you barely know just because they invited you to their wedding.

A destination wedding tends to be more relaxed and less formal than a traditional wedding at home. If you want you can skip the processional, the receiving line, the speeches, the first dance, and the cake cutting, and just focus on enjoying yourself with your new husband and the wedding party.

Wedding planning may be easier with a destination

Honeymoon in the city

If you have limited time for your honeymoon, or just prefer lively streets and cultural gems to sandy beaches, honeymoon a city break could be the perfect trip for you. If you are stuck for ideas, here are a few of the sights you and your new husband could visit if you honeymoon in the city:


Those looking to take a city honeymoon in Sydney will no doubt have their eye on the icons of the city, the Opera House, Sydney Harbour and Harbour Bridge. All these can be enjoyed from a harbour tour, but don’t forget the other less obvious attractions of Sydney.

Macquarie Street is full of architectural treasures, many dating back to the nineteenth century. Parliament House, and the State Library of New South Wales are both worth a look, and at the end of the street you’ll find Hyde Park and the Anzac War Memorial.

Perhaps you could hire horses to ride around Centennial Park, or soak up the atmosphere on Bondi Beach where the party goes on long after dark. Finally take a trip to The Rocks; formerly a part of Sydney to avoid, but now